Lesson 1

As Thanksgiving approaches, let me lay out the rules for all you honkies out there:
  1. Dressing up like a half-naked “squaw” is racist. (see Hooters above, etc.)
  2. Hosting a Thanksgiving event at a bar and advertising it with “Drink Like an Indian” (see McFadden’s in DC) is racist.
  3. Dressing up “like an Indian” is racist. (see No Doubt; also, see Halloween every year)
  4. Joking about scalping is racist (and inaccurate. See the ancient Greeks, 440 BC)
  5. Telling people they “don’t look Indian” is racist. (see Scott Brown and almost everyone I’ve ever met)
  6. Sports teams with names like The Redskins and Braves is racist. (see NFL and MLB)
  7. Using Thanksgiving as a day to do anything but thank the Native Americans who welcomed your crap with open arms and saved your asses from starving is racist. (see your own behavior)
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